One-on-One/Private Lessons/Nutrition/Goal Setting

Private Session

One Hour
$75 per session

Private Session

1/2 Hour
$50 per session

Additional packages available

Looking for other options for One-on-one/Private Lessons/Nutrition/Goal Setting? Please set up a No-Sweat Intro and we will get you started!

Group CrossFit Memberships

Unlimited Group WODs

$175 per month

12x Group WODs Per Month

$160 per month

Drop-Ins from another affiliate**

$20 per session

*Open Gym Memberships:

We are a coaching facility. Progress from sickness to wellness, and from wellness to fitness, requires guidance to be efficient and complete. To that end, members of our Open Gym all fit into one of the following categories: CrossFitter doing extra homework assigned by a Coach in PT, a member of our Barbell Club doing CutThroat Barbell Programming only, Athletic Performance, etc. All open gym members are doing one of our programs or part of one of our other memberships.

We value – and love – time to practice, and to play. We offer ‘Open Gym’ time between our CrossFit groups for our members to try new things, do their ‘homework’ (if given by one of our Private Trainers or Coaches) and practice functional movement.

Open Gym memberships include access to all or part of CutThroat for set hours each day. Open Gym memberships are available as an add on only to another existing Membership with us. Click here to see our Open Gym Schedule


*Drop-in CrossFitters visiting from another Affiliate:

$20/session. Drop ins must pre-register. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for paperwork. You can expedite this by signing our online waiver.



Custom/ Remote Programming:

We offer custom and remote programming for a wide variety of needs. Click here