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Yes! CrossFit movements and programming cater to all athletic levels. Whether you’ve never done a workout or are an elite athlete, the workout of the day can be scaled to your physical and psychological tolerances. If you have no experience with exercise, it’s almost better starting fresh with CrossFit. Coaches will teach you good form and technique that will give you a broad athletic base and provide less risk for injury than you would typically see if you attempted these movements on your own.

Yes! CrossFit will develop the 10 general components of fitness; cardiovascular/muscular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, accuracy, agility and balance, providing a broader athletic base for you as an athlete. The mental adaptations from CrossFit carry over to the competition field by being able to push when fatigued and break mental barriers. Plus, fueling your body (nutrition) for optimal performance is the foundation of CrossFit’s fitness and performance philosophies. Increasing your General Physical Preparedness (GPP) will carry over into your specific sport. However, please let us know your goals before you start so we can  bias your training for your specific goals.

WOD stands for workout of the day. It is a versatile word that CrossFitters use as a noun and a verb.  For example, “Today’s WOD is Fran?!? I need to sit down”.  Or, “We are going to WOD at the 5:30 pm class.  I hear the WOD is Fran

We use the term “box” to refer to a CrossFit gym.  The gyms are often large, box-shaped facilities so the term just stuck from the beginning.

When CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman, was asked why he named several workouts after women, he replied “I want to explain the workout once and then give it a name.  I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a female’s name.” Often referred to as the girls, these aptly named WODs have become repeatable, measurable benchmarks that are performed at CrossFit boxes around the globe. CrossFit also honors fallen military personnel by naming extraordinarily tough WODs after these heros who have died in the line of duty.

This is the biggest fear for women entering CrossFit. In order to gain excessive muscle mass you have to train for that specific purpose. CrossFit is not to be confused with Bodybuilding.  You will lift heavy $%#T often (but not everyday) because it is healthy. CrossFit programming is NOT designed for hypertrophy of isolated muscles. Strength movements in CrossFit are all multi-joint and full body movements.  The CrossFit program is performance driven. It is measurable through broad and modal performance metrics. As a result of increasing performance, your preferred body composition is a ‘side benefit.’ If you want to be toned and strong but not bulky (side benefits of performance), CrossFit is for you!  Our program is designed to help you burn fat and increase lean muscle mass, giving ladies the lean physique for which they’re looking. Your clothes will fit better, you’ll like the way you look naked, and best of all, you’ll feel strong!

CrossFit is designed to be infinitely scalable. A good coach will teach you the mechanics of the movements, make sure you can execute them consistently with good form and technique, then and ONLY then will the coach suggest you use a heavier weight or go faster. Mechanics, consistency THEN intensity, is our philosophy. Injuries occur when coaches don’t enforce mechanics and consistency and allow athletes to advance too quickly. Additionally, the movements in CrossFit are functional are used in everyday life. We deadlift (pick objects off the ground), squat (sit down and stand up), press (put things above our head), etc,. When we lose the capacity to perform these movements we lose the capacity to live independently. If you’re in a rush to get to the nursing home, then don’t do CrossFit.

Classes are 1-hour long. Typically the first 15-20 minutes are dedicated to a warm up, skill review and development and scaling options which are personalized to each and every athlete according to their ability, CrossFit tenure, and any pre-existing injuries or conditions that may limit movement during a given exercise. The next 30-35 minutes are dedicated to the WOD or workout of the day. The remaining time consists of a cool down, another skill session or a discussion on post-workout nutrition, fitness, endurance training, etc.

Typically, we recommend a 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off cycle over the course of a week, but we know many of our members’ hectic schedules won’t permit a consistent routine. We will work with you to devise a personalized schedule that complements your busy life and delivers the results you want while allowing for sufficient rest and recovery.

Yes! Nutrition is the foundation of a successful fitness regime. Athletes who just exercise usually do not see the full benefit of exercise until their nutrition is dialed in. When the proper nutrition regime is executed, that’s when we see the greatest results in body composition, athletic performance, and just general well-being.

Of course! We understand that even though it has proven to be very effective for most individuals, the class setting is not for everyone. You can discuss this with your coach at your initial consultation

The dust on your car dashboard is actually chalk. You start timing everything. You use the words “3-2-1-Go” in normal conversations. You tell your friends to try CrossFit in the most inappropriate situations. You no longer giggle when using the terms “snatch”, “jerk” and “burpee” (well…maybe sometimes :)). You examine every structure on your kids’ playground to see if you could do a pull-up or a muscle up on them. Your workout clothes have to be retired from the, um, smell. You choose your vacation destination based on its proximity to a CrossFit affiliate. You know the exact floor plan of your local Lululemon.