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Deana’s Story

Deana Bull About 4 years ago I felt really “stuck” and I needed a change in my life and my workout routine.  My sister, at the time, was really into CrossFit and encouraged me to look into it because she knew I would love it.  So I did, it looked super fun and it seemed to be just what I needed but I wasn’t sure it was a possibility for me.  Due to being an athlete most of my life and due to a bit of bad luck I had undergone a total of 9 knee surgeries, I had osteoarthritis and I was ACL deficient in both knees. [...]

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Gavin’s Story

Gavin Slater I had a work friend who talked me into trying CrossFit at another box. I stayed there a little over a year before they moved and increased their rates. I then looked at and visited a bunch of area gyms but felt most comfortable at CutThroat including the level of coaching.  My first impression of CrossFit was there are so many movements to conquer and such an incredible workout. Fortunately I had a running background and I thought I was in good shape until I tried a workout. Everyone told me about the community atmosphere and I believe that is what makes CF so special. Five years [...]

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Jenny’s Story

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