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Roof’s Story

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Kerri’s Story

Kerri Schommer There is a very long list of reasons that I came to CutThroat.  However I think the driving force has been my health. I will be the big 5-0 in July.  When you have that staring you in the face you realize you better get your act together while you still have a chance!  I don’t want to work all of these years so I can retire to my couch.  I want to travel and be active and if I don’t take care of myself that won’t happen.  I work as a home health RN and let me tell you your lifestyle choices will catch up with you!  Here is a quote [...]

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Jeff’s (OJ’s) Story

I was sitting around after my second daughter headed off to college 3 and ½ years ago and I decided I needed to add a new activity into my life.  It was in the Fall and I needed something to do in the off season from my tennis leagues.  I felt like I was becoming a couch potato and frequently needed chiropractic adjustments to loosen up my neck and shoulders. I found CutThroat CF while on a trail ride behind the facility and looked it up.  I knew a few guys that worked out at CF boxes and thought I should give it a try.  I came in [...]

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