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Rachel’s Story

Rachel Davis I had been living abroad for 6 months in Kenya and it was hard to workout where I lived. I once got chased by a wild dog while out on a run, so working out was really difficult to say the least! I've always been a really active person so when I returned, I was desperate for something that would whip me back in to shape FAST. That was back in 2013. I did fundamentals and started going to CrossFit classes regularly, I've never looked back since! My first impression of CrossFit was: this is HARD and I will never be like "those" girls (the ones [...]

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Nicole’s Story

Nicole Gervace My friend Kerri Schomer had been attending CutThroat CrossFit for several months when we ran into each other at CorePower Yoga. She told me that as a CPY member I can go to CTCF 4X a month and she thought I’d love it. She was right! I emailed Brian and attended a pop-up course that introduced me to a variety of the exercises. In January 2018, I attended the 4 classes. By the second week of February I already used my 4 classes and decided I wanted more and became a monthly member! My first impression of CutThroat was that the classes were organized and I [...]

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Amy’s Story

Amy Moore A few people had encouraged me to try CrossFit but I was pretty convinced I was not in good enough shape to do it. I didn’t understand the scalability of the workouts at CrossFit and I had no idea about barbells or any type of gymnastics movements.  Basically I was too scared to try! At the time I joined CutThroat my brother had been at a CrossFit box in Orlando for 5 years and he loved it.  My husband Kevin signed up at CutThroat and immediately loved what he was doing. That’s when I got really curious and decided to give it a try.  I’m so [...]

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