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Body Fat Testing Comes to Valhalla

As a part of Ideal Collaborative the athletes of Valhalla Barbell Club receive perks that are unheard of in the realm of local and even National Level Caliber Weightlifting Programs. In addition to the In-House Physical Therapy, Fascial Stretching and over 20+ coached hours from a coach who has worked with both National and International Caliber athletes our program prides itself on working with our athletes to develop healthy and sustainable nutrition that will lend to a change in body composition, strength and overall performance.   Why We Test Our Athletes   Thanks to Rosanne and Bodyfat Test Colorado joining the Ideal Collaborative family our club gets a [...]

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How You Should Feel Two Weeks Out From a Meet

by Jake Sterny I’m laughing really hard right now because the title applied to this piece is really a farce. No one person tends to feel the same as another when prepping for a competition especially if they are peaking. However, there are some similarities that I’ve picked up on during my time as an athlete and coach. What is peaking? Peaking in a traditional sense simply means that we are attempting to prepare the body to exceed its base level of performance at the time of competition by programming weeks consisting of lower volume(lower rep ranges) and higher intensity(higher weights). In other words if you’ve been performing [...]

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What’s the BEST Training Split?

Good question right? Everyone wants to know what the best training splits are. What did Arnold do? Should I do that? How about Anna Kournikova? Just do what she did and I'll get the same results. Right? WRONG These specimens were born athletes. Copying their training plan is a recipe for disaster. Accumulating Fitness over time is the name of the game if you want long term health and results. So what if you're not a pro athlete or body builder? Good, that means you fit in with 99% of the rest of the world. And it happens to be what we do BEST here.....General Fitness! There are [...]

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