As a part of Ideal Collaborative the athletes of Valhalla Barbell Club receive perks that are unheard of in the realm of local and even National Level Caliber Weightlifting Programs. In addition to the In-House Physical Therapy, Fascial Stretching and over 20+ coached hours from a coach who has worked with both National and International Caliber athletes our program prides itself on working with our athletes to develop healthy and sustainable nutrition that will lend to a change in body composition, strength and overall performance.


Why We Test Our Athletes


Thanks to Rosanne and Bodyfat Test Colorado joining the Ideal Collaborative family our club gets a chance to take advantage of something that no other club in the greater United States area has in their possession. We are able to walk directly out from our club and back into the lobby of the same building to find an onsite hydrostatic tank that measures body fat more accurately than Bioelectrical Impedance(can be altered by hydration levels) and even Skin Calipers(misses internal fat).


Cutting Edge


No other club in the nation has the ability to access one of the most accurate body fat measurement tools on a year round basis, but I’m sure that most of you are wondering, “Why is it important for a weightlifter, who competes in a sport where mass moves mass, to know their relation of lean mass to fat mass”, “don’t they want to be bigger to lift more weight”. By having athletes test regularly(6 to 8 weeks) we are able to monitor Lean Mass Gain versus the gain of Fat Mass(or loss) and what principles of training, recovery and nutrition may be playing a role in this athletes performance.


Isn’t This Overkill?


We at Valhalla want to win and are on the path of constant improvement. After a while training for 2 hours a day and doing the same movements over and over again isn’t enough to ensure steady progress and outside factors such as recovery and fueling need to be addressed. After all we are attempting to build and shape athletes and those who want to be stronger and healthier into old age.


Stats on Stats


Having all of the information we can pertaining to our athletes allows us to modify, program and alter what is being prescribed for them  to ensure quicker progress. One way to think about this is thinking of an athlete’s performance as a test. Having all of the answers or most of them allows the athlete to crush their test and perform well. So no, testing and obtaining every piece of information on our athletes is not overkill it is responsible.


Life Outside of Weightlifting


We want all of our athletes to be successful in and out of the barbell club room and one of the biggest emotional hurdles that many athletes face is how they look. By testing our athletes and setting up a nutrition framework that is aimed at improving not only performance in the short term but overall health in the long term allows our athletes to enjoy things other than the barbell.


New Clothes!


Being able to fit into some new clothes(and look jacked), being able to play with their kids for extended periods of time and not have the detrimental health effects of excess non functional mass covering their frame. There are the competitive benefits that come with actually lifting in a weight class where most of your mass is lean and you’re not lifting against larger athletes simply because you are fluffier. Basically you look better, live longer and win more often.


Value on Value


Giving our athletes everything we have to make sure they are successful in their athletic endeavors is simply what we aim to do. By providing in house programming from a qualified coach and pairing that with nutrition services as well as one kick ass space with bomb equipment our athletes are our main focus. We love to take care of our own and make sure they live successful lives in and out of the gym. We are Valhalla.