“Complex City”

Age Group

Event Age Specific Modifications


Kids 5-8 5:00 to complete our FUN obstacle course as many times as possible! Approximately 8-10 obstacles Total Reps

-Each completed obstacle = 1 rep

Youth 9-11 5:00 to accumulate max reps of barbell complex: 1 clean + 3 front squats + 1 shoulder to overhead Barbell weight

-Males #20

-Females #15

Total Reps

Each full complex  counts as 5 reps

Youth 12-13, Teen 14-15, Teen 16-17 7:00 to establish a 1 rep max barbell complex: 1 clean + 3 front squats + 1 shoulder to overhead Male/female and #15 trainer barbells available Heaviest completed complex


Obstacle course

Takes place outside and may include sprinting, jumping, balancing, agility ladders, medicine ball carry, sled drags etc.


-Begins with the barbell lifted from the floor

-The rep is complete when the athlete’s hips and knees are fully extended and the bar is resting on the shoulders in the front-rack position with the athlete’s elbows in front of the bar

-Power cleans, squat cleans and split cleans are permitted

-Hang cleans only permitted for athletes using an empty barbell

-Squat clean does not count towards front squat rep total

Front squats

-Begins with full extension at hips and knees and bar resting on the shoulders in the front-rack position

-Bottom of squat is when the hip crease is below the top of the kneecap

-Finishes with full extension at the hips and knees

Shoulder to overhead

-Any variation (press, push press, push jerk, split jerk)

-Barbell begins in the front rack position and must come to full lockout overhead, with the athlete’s hips, knees and arms fully extended and the barbell directly over the middle of the body

*If athlete fails a movement but the barbell does not touch the floor, the athlete may continue with the complex

We will be hosting a FREE Clinic for kids age 9 and up who would like to brush up on their barbell skills for the complex. All skill levels welcome but they must be registered for the event to attend for free. 

The Clinic Will Start at 8am the day of the event in our Barbell Club Space. We will go over the necessary proper technique to perform the complex. Sign up here