It’s time! We’re so excited!

Event 1 is…..

Not so fast 🙂 We said we’d start releasing the event details for the Rocky Mountain Junior Jam 1-2 weeks prior to the event. If you haven’t signed up your son or daughter yet, get them registered asap because registration will close soon. We’d love a few more volunteers if you’re available. Even if it’s only for part of the day. Volunteers just might get priority communication about the event reveals….let us know if you can help out here.

Keep an eye out over the upcoming week for our event reveals.
You can see them in one (or all) of the following ways:
  • In your email
  • On our Social Media Accounts
    • Facebook @cutthroatcrossf
    • Instagram @idealcollabhealth
    • Youtube CutThroat Athletics
The events and standard descriptions will go public on our Youtube Channel first and then trickle down to the other mediums so if you want to hear about the events as soon as possible, subscribe to our Youtube Channel.
If you would like an event tee shirt, you can order them directly. They will not be available the day of the event. Here are the links to order: