Yesterday we announced massive changes to our primary service as well as our entire company. Why have we changed? Well we have learned a TON in the last 5 years. Yes of course, our gym and community has learned quite a lot but I’m really talking about the advancements in the study of humans. We MUST progress. We aren’t going to look the same as CrossFit Boxes, Strength and Conditioning Gyms, Olympic Weightlifting Gyms, and other micro-gyms looked 5 years ago. We aren’t even necessarily a ‘gym’ to all of our clients. Here are some of our new and revamped features that align with our new vision:
Health and human optimization, re-imagined.
We have completely redesigned our intake and health prescription process from the ground up to help you with what matters most…your own physical well being.
We are using the latest and greatest biometric data such as hydrostatic body fat testing, blood work, and even DNA testing to most accurately recommend the best possible lifestyle habit changes to yield the most positive benefit.
We humans are all a little bit different! And there isn’t a black and white approach to [preventative] health for all us. Let’s use real data to make informed choices!
Using this data, we can recommend specific nutrition, fitness, and even clinical care protocol so you can optimize your own genetic potential.
Assess, Address, Progress 
We will be implementing the most cutting edge assessment tool for general fitness in our industry. The system will take 90 days to fully integrate with the group classes. Personal Training Clients are already in the process. All of the coaches have (or are in the process of) taking a full online course for the system. They are already working on your behalf! No this isn’t another CrossFit tracking app. This is a system of assessment that measures you across 15 categories for comprehensive physical fitness. You’ll get an app to show you your personal strengths and weaknesses. Our coaches must witness and verify your tests in order for you to enter it into your personal app. The coaches get to monitor you from behind the clipboard and we can get an even better picture of your personal status so we can deliver the most scientific cutting edge programming in existence.
Actual Wellness 
So far you’ve been reading mostly about assessment and prescription. Who is implementing all of this?
We’re rolling out an awesome nutrition team (more details to come) as well as multiple clinical providers (Functional Movement Specialists, Physical Therapy, Rehab Specialists, Fascial Stretching, ​health and wellness consultants galore) to keep you on the path to success.  Our expert trainers and clinicians are constantly continuing their own education in accordance with our health first philosophy and they can’t wait to help you with your personal goals after we assess you.

With all of these featured services (and more to come in the next year), you’ll be empowered to optimize your own human potential. Live your best self for (your) self and improve the lives of your loved ones…by being extraordinarily healthy. The best part is we’ll guide you the whole way so you don’t have to interpret all the data on your own…we know you’re busy!

Ok…what happens now? 

If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably already a current client, patient, or athlete.
  • ​If you’re already a group CrossFit member, just keep coming to class. Open your email and pay attention to our announcements in our private facebook group. We will roll out the physical fitness assessments right into the classes. We’ll announce the process to get your biometric data in the coming weeks. For now, we just wanted to give you a heads up on the name change, coming website redesign, and added benefits coming your way.
  • If you’re already in 1:1 training, you’ve likely already been implementing the physical fitness testing. Look out for our communications about how to get started with your full health profile.
  • If you’re a nutrition client, you’re an early adopter and you’re ahead of the game. Talk to your coach about the blood work profile to pair with your nutrition plan.
Look forward to our next post which will go into great detail about our new name and the meaning behind it.

The Ideal Collaborative Team​