Hi there,

We have some news to share.

I just came out of a big conference of gym owners back in June. It’s my 3rd year in a row attending this particular conference. It’s an annual event to bring various gym owners and industry leaders together to share ideas and keep up with best practices. We learn from others’ strengths and weaknesses and share our own.

During one of the breakout sessions, I realized that I was explaining the meaning of the name “CutThroat” for the umteenth time. Everyone thought I was representing an “aggressive” or “hard core” gym and they pre-judged us by the name. Most of you know that the gym was named after the Colorado State Fish. People outside of our little community don’t know that. Some folks within the community still don’t know that but they don’t care because they know how our culture really is. It has taken me close to 5 years but I have come full circle. If you don’t understand the origins of what OUR “CutThroat” actually means, then you probably associate it with something negative. A business name doesn’t have to mean anything at all and I don’t mind explaining our mission and purpose by starting with the name. However; we are overwhelmingly positive and we want the world to know without a pre-judgement.

We are formally announcing the end of CutThroat [Athletics] as our primary operating company….however we will continue to keep our license with CrossFit HQ under the name CutThroat CrossFit. We are still cutties and we all know the story of the trout. I know that you’ll explain that to new folks as they join us at the gym.

Today we are also announcing some other new features that are available in Beta right now, plus one new feature that will be coming later this month.

We have become a HEALTH first collaborative operation instead of a fitness first gym.

We’ve renamed and rebranded the primary company to better reflect this journey that we — you and us — are on together.

Stay tuned on our blog and in your inbox for some of our new features. Here is a little graphic preview:

This is the start of an exciting new chapter and we couldn’t be more excited to continue serving you along the way.

Brian and your Team