Good question right?

Everyone wants to know what the best training splits are. What did Arnold do? Should I do that? How about Anna Kournikova? Just do what she did and I’ll get the same results. Right?


These specimens were born athletes. Copying their training plan is a recipe for disaster. Accumulating Fitness over time is the name of the game if you want long term health and results. So what if you’re not a pro athlete or body builder? Good, that means you fit in with 99% of the rest of the world.

And it happens to be what we do BEST here…..General Fitness!

There are different levels and everyone is unique. So why do we even do a group program you ask? Well, even though that scientifically 1:1 training programs are far superior, there is a human social element in which people favor over the fastest progress: friends and group energy.

So what is the ideal training split for you? Check out THIS INFOGRAPHIC as general guideline but I highly encourage you to use it simply as that. After you have a routine figured out, book a goal setting session with me or one of our coaches and make sure that you picked a good training split for you!