This 1 Weird Trick Helped Add 20 KG to my Total

Jake Sterny

After spending many years studying under a Russian Master of Sport in the barren wasteland of Siberia I have learned, “the secret” to improving your total. Over the next few paragraphs I will reveal just exactly what I learned from the Master of Sport in my time spent in Russia. You may be thinking that this guy is nuts or that the secret must be really complex but bear with me and you’ll be beating every lifter in your session in a matter of weeks instead of years thanks to this simple trick.

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With this secret comes great responsibility and I caution you to share this with no one. This clean approach for those of you reading will have you crushing your competitors and USADA knocking at your door in no time. Only those of you reading this will know the secret I am about to give you.

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The secret that I learned from the Russian Master of Sport is a simple trick and can be summed up in one word…Himalayan Goats Milk(HGM)

Weird right? But, it works! Due to its location of origin HGM is full all natural peptide boding, ATP generating, testoerone enhancing properties. The Himalayan Goat is rugged and full of aggression. But drinking this simple thing these properties will be transferred to you. What’s even weirder is that this product can be found on Amazon for the cheap price of $36.75(plus shipping of course). Guys I hoped you enjoyed the article and that  you’ll support me in my future endeavors. I can’t wait to see you crush your lifts in the next few weeks.

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