by Jake Sterny

It takes someone very special or someone who has something very wrong with them to want to continue doing things that suck just to make the slightest bit of progress towards a goal. One thing you’ve probably heard is the phrase, “Trust the process”. Some of you might even think you are doing this currently, but take an honest look at where you are and where you want to be and I can tell you that more often than not, you are not.

Trusting the process does not just include doing what is prescribed and being patient. This has a tendency to get you far, but, to truly stay the course and actually trust the process is not an easy feat. Not only do you need to do what is prescribed, you need to do the the little extra pieces that will help get you closer to that end goal as well. The extra repetitions in Position Work when it is not written, the countless hours of mobility, dieting/eating to recover and perform and the intangible little pieces of adequate sleep, proper hydration and stress management are all essential in giving you the ability to trust the process. What can be even more frustrating is having to say no to things that we enjoy, affecting our joy in the short term just to ensure we can bring about more joy later.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. Getting joy out of life comes from balance and being able to do the things you love. But, in order to truly trust the process we sometimes need to say no to things that make us happy. In the short term this tends to be boring and upsetting, but in the long term the impact of trusting the process will have a greater effect on our lives in the future than that one moment of happiness that we sacrifice in the present.

Long story short it can be hard to truly trust the process. We sometimes need to give up the things we love now in order to reach our goals and bring ourselves joy in the future. Sacrificing countless hours working on even the smallest detail is what trusting the process is all about.  We sometimes need to give up the things we love now in order to get to where we want to go. One of my favorite sayings is, “ The only way out is through”. Yes you might not want to do the extra credit, the accessory work, miss that night of drinking with your friends but in order to trust the process and give yourself the ability to do so this is something that needs to be done.

You can have fun then you can go out and do whatever you want. Life is all about balance and it is important to not make your life miserable while trying to trust the process. Just keep in mind that if it becomes a habit such as not following your programming or prescribed work, Although very tempting, might be short your progression in the long term.