Why you Should Compete

by Jake Sterny

This article is by no means an active plug for Cutthroat Barbell Club, but, if you would like to compete in weightlifting or at the very least try one competition(they will change your life) we have the best Barbell Club in the greater Denver area. No, this article is simply me telling you as one human being to another that you should compete in something. “But if I’m just doing this for fun, to get healthy or as a hobby what value does competing hold for me”, you might ask. It’s simple, it lends what you are doing purpose.

All Revved Up with No Place to Go

There has to be a purpose in what you do. It gives what you are doing meaning and can help motivate you when times are tough and you may be considering quitting. This is why competing is so valuable. It gives you an end goal, a pinnacle to reach and a stage to show or express all of that hard work. This is why something as simple as the CrossFit Open is such a wonderful thing. If you’ve found CrossFit it allows you to compare yourself to others who do what you do on a worldwide scale! Even if you haven’t found CrossFit everyone has something they are passionate about and that they love working on. A competition is simply a way to express that passion you hold for the thing that you love. What’s even greater than this itself is that you meet others who are just as like minded as you, hopefully encouraging you to continue to love what you are doing and maybe even showing you things that you can improve to make what you love even better.

Why You Should Like Competing

You show me someone who is scared to compete and I’ll show you someone who is scared to improve. Measuring yourself in relation to others allows you to see where you are in terms of your ability levels. You shouldn’t be about concerned about if you’ll be embarrassed, you should be more worried about having fun and using what you learned from the experience to get better at what you are passionate about. If you are truly invested in what you find joy in then you should be trying as hard as you can to find areas that you can improve, not worrying about getting beat.


Even if you do find that you’ve been beat, this is not a bad thing. It shouldn’t be discouraging, it shouldn’t make you sad, it should in turn make you a little upset and motivate you to stop at nothing to improve so it doesn’t happen to you again. This also translates into life situations where we are all not always the prettiest, the smartest and we don’t always get trophies for showing up. It teaches you to stop at nothing to improve, become a better version of you and in the long run helps lead you to the best version of yourself.

Compete, Compete, Compete

I once had a coach tell me, “Compete and Compete Often” and I firmly believe this. Competition is where we get to express or show what we’ve worked so hard on. What we’ve woken up countless mornings early to pursue and what we’ve stayed up at night thinking about. What we believe in passionately, so passionately in fact that we don’t see ourselves doing anything else. Competition is valuable and no matter what you love doing you should find a way to compete in it. It lends what you do a purpose and it helps deepen your love for that very same thing.