We have some very exciting announcements as we progress into the second month of 2018!

  1. 6:30PM Group WODs are on Mondays and Wednesdays
    1. If popular, we’ll add more days!
    2. Reserve your spot on Member Connect
  2. You can now attend Barbell Club Sessions if you like. It’s included in your membership.
    1. The catch is…you have to have a goal setting session with me so we can discuss how it can benefit you the most (and so I can unlock your account)
    2. Barbell Club Members can go to CF WODs too…same deal. Set up a goal setting session with me so I can unlock your account.
      1. Goal Setting Session
  3. Individual Design Program
    1. Current Members set up a goal setting session to discuss this option
    2. Prospective Members: set up a NO Sweat Intro
  4. Nutrition programs
    1. Programs designed by our in house Nutritionist Jon Buschbacher
      1. Set up a Nutrition Consultation
  5. Sign Up for the Open hereĀ