By Jon Buschbacher

It’s that time of year again, where we think about the things we enjoyed during the past year and the things we wish we had done better. A cultural time of resolve, that results in the setting of goals and objectives. It’s a good time to revive one’s spirit for a better existence; improving our health in all aspects of our lives.

Every year we make some improvements; how many improvements we accomplish depends on some things I have found to be fundamental. So as you’re starting to commit to those new or previously neglected goals for the new year, take some of these pointers into consideration.

These are some of the things I like to do to help improve my chances of success.

  1. Start the year off right-  The holidays come and everything falls apart. This happens to most everyone at the end of every year; it’s nothing to feel guilty about. But coming into the next year bloated and full of toxins from poor diet and sleep isn’t a good idea. Reset your body with a good detox or a restricted diet. Give your Liver a break! Your body wants to be in balance, give it a chance to be there. Detoxifying and cleaning up your diet not only will improve immune system health and help get rid of the “holiday bloat”, it allows for better recovery from workouts and life. This in turn allows your mind to stay focused on the other goals and changes you might have decided to partake in. Practicing discipline is contagious and carries over into everything you do.
  2. Stay on track- It’s easy to start your new resolution and do well for a short period of time, then fall off of the wagon or stop the new productive habit you have just started. One of the things I try to remind myself is that goals are long term changes to my habits. Most goals are simply lifestyle changes, things that need to be maintained for long periods if they’re to be effective. Learn to balance your life with allowed “cheat” meals or breaks from your objective. This will allow you to realize how important maintaining the proper habits are to successful changes, while also allowing you to ” live life “. The key is to be on track 80-90% of the time.
  3. Keep it tough but doable- This is best thought about before the New Year starts, but you probably already know what needs to be done to improve your life. Your goals and objectives need to be doable, don’t be impatient. Each goal needs to be thought out in a step by step process. This is tough, as it should be. Anything worth doing shouldn’t be easy; that’s what Grandma always said. It won’t make you much better if it doesn’t take any effort on your part. That being said, it needs to be doable. Failure; although important for learning lessons, can really mess with your mind. Set a goal, think about what each step is, plan your approach and GET AFTER IT!! Keep it tough, but doable.

Stay committed to your progress and keep your values in line with your priorities. Be honest with where you are and where you’re actually willing to go. Be willing to go beyond your comfort zone and be the person you never thought you could be. It’s really a matter of discipline and good decision making.

Happy New Year!!