by Jon Buschbacher

We are well into the season of holiday weight gain. If you aren’t careful you can put on quite a bit of weight before the end of the holidays and you’ll be stuck wishing the New Year was here already!

So instead of waiting until the New Year to get rid of your Blubber, now is the time to start fighting back.

That doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself the enjoyment of social gatherings and all the foods and drinks that come with it, just have a plan. Here are some of the strategies I use when facing the holidays:

  1. Eat really well in between the social gatherings and family meals.
    Probably the most important thing to do. Give your body a break between the barrage of crap you’re putting into your body. Let the leftovers from dinner go home with someone else and only eat the “junk” food during the gathering, after that you need to stay with healthy veggies and good protein sources. Not only will you reduce the amount of fat you put on, but you also give your body a chance to recover and therefore can reduce inflammation. This will allow you to not feel like udder crap during the next gathering.
  1. Do Not gorge on sweets.
    Seems like a no brainer. But when I start munching on the chocolates and candies, I lose track of how much I’ve consumed. I try to stick to just a few sweets per holiday gathering, this allows me to enjoy desert also. We can get trapped in a sugar hurricane if we snack before the meal, drink some eggnog and the have pie and ice cream after. Just be thoughtful of how much sugar you take in.
  1. Hydrate with actual water ( H2O ).
    Seriously. I’ve spent entire days with family and relatives celebrating the holidays. After I’m done spending time with friends and family, I realize that I haven’t had enough water for the day. It’s easy to do. Sipping on a glass of water may give you the false confidence of proper daily hydration, but you are usually only fooling yourself. Stay aware of the other liquids you take in and try to match them with some water. ┬áRemember that you need roughly half of your Bodyweight in ounces of water per day. That means if you weigh 150 lbs you need about 75 ounces of water.