The Colorado Youth Weightlifting Championships was held this past Saturday by Windsor Weightlifting Club. We had 5 athletes under age 17 representing CutThroat. They each had amazing meets!

Riley Collins – U11, 35kg Category
I thought we might be off to a bad start when Riley spilled my coffee in the warmup room while being a goof ball. I let her know that “I’m not sure if I can coach without my coffee.” Luckily Coach Patrick came through in the clutch and brought me a replacement and Riley had a great day ????This was Riley’s second meet she has ever competed in. She went 6 for 6 totaling 30 kilos. She set personal records in both lifts and her total. Her smile is infectious and she makes the judges happy to give her white lights.

Chloe Merry – U11, 35kg Category
Chloe has done a few meets now but this was by far her best. She set a PR in the Clean & Jerk and totaled 40 kilos. This won her a bronze medal and also qualified for Youth Nationals.

Chloe Merry: Bronze! 12-09-2017

Zach Kenney РU13, 31kg Category
Zach took the week off of training and still had a great meet. He set a PR total at 53kg, won gold, and qualified for Youth Nationals.

Zach Kenny: Gold 12-09-2017

Logan Nibbelin – U13, 62kg Category
Logan has really ramped up his training since his last meet. He is spending a lot of time working on the basics of raw strength and general athletic qualities. We know Logan is going to be stronger than all of us in just a few short years. We put a little pressure on him at this meet to see how he would respond. He set a meet PR in the Snatch, a life time PR in the Clean and jerk and total and a new clean pr on his third. He totaled 62KG, won a silver medal, and qualified for Youth Nationals

Logan Nibbelin: Silver 12-09-2017

Mason Dawson Р14-15, 62kg Category
Mason told me he was feeling a bit off. I told him let’s see how you warm up but we can always stay conservative. Mason looked great in the warm up so we went big on the platform. He set personal records in the snatch, the clean & jerk, and total. He did set a new clean PR on his third but couldn’t stick the jerk. Mason also won gold.

Mason Dawson: Gold 12-09-2017

We’re really proud of all of the kids. This was a break out meet for a several of them. One of my favorite things about coaching Weightlifting is watching self confidence increase at every meet. Special thanks to Coach Jake and Coach Dave for helping them in training to get them ready and making my job easy on competition day, thanks to Jeanne for coming up to Windsor to help volunteer because she’s just an amazing person (it wasn’t even her home gym and she came to help!!), and all of the parents for supporting this great sport. We’re contributing to the growth of the Sport in the US and it is very special to be part of it!