by Coach Jake Sterny

After taking a few days to reflect on Cutthroat Athletics’ inaugural Colorado Classic I would like to recap the performances of all the members of Cutthroat Barbell Club because I am proud of how each of you performed. Before I begin this recap however I would like to mention that the ability to run a meet as well as we did, especially with it being our first one, just shows how committed all of you are as members of the Cutthroat family to share with the fitness community at large just how special Cutthroat Athletics is as a facility and a community. To all of the judges, loaders, marshall/check-in table,vendors and other volunteers I can not reiterate just how proud I am of all of you for the work you invested this weekend. We couldn’t have asked for a harder working group of people to create an excellent meet experience and for that I thank you all. Huge thanks are in order for Brian for taking the idea of hosting an in house contest and running with it. Without your belief in the meet and Cutthroat Barbell this event would not have been possible and to Jeanne, who basically created this event from scratch(you have no idea how hard that can be), I am eternally grateful and can’t wait until we host another.


Athlete Recap

With that being said I would like to now continue by recapping the performance of our athletes.

  • Riley Collins6 for 6 – S 11 and C&J 16 – 27 kg Total(S and C&J PR’s)
    • Working with Riley during Youth Barbell Club has been awesome. With this being Riley’s first meet, a 6 for 6 result is outstanding. We hope to see more meets from Riley in the near future.


  • Chloe Merry 5 for 6 – S 17 and C&J 18 – 35 kg Total(S PR)


      • It’s always fun to see Chloe compete and she did not disappoint with a 5 for 6 performance, hitting a new personal record on her snatch. Hopefully we see more of Chloe in the next few months to prep her for the State Open in January.


  • Conner Kehmeier6 for 6 – S 21 and C&J 27 – 48 kg Total(S PR)


      • What better way to spend your birthday than going 6 for 6 and hitting a PR? Conner’s first attempt was a little rough but he remained focused and came back to smoke his final 5 attempts.


  • Lincoln Hageman5 for 6 – S 22 and C&J 27 – 49 kg Total


      • Another solid meet for Linc who came back after a missed second attempt on Clean and Jerk to hit 27 kg (2 kg below his PR) on his third. Linc also had the best sock game of all youth competitors.


  • Zach Kenney5 for 6 – S 20 and C&J 30 – 50 kg Total
    • With a few bumps and bruises from the soccer season we weren’t sure just how Zach would perform, but, he put together a solid meet performance. Zach will be competing next month in the Colorado Youth Championships in Windsor, CO.

  • Logan Nibbelin5 for 6 – S 23 and C&J 29 – 52 kg Total


      • A good first meet for one of our newest Barbell Club members. Logan loves this sport and I can’t wait to see him continue to compete.


  • Carson Hageman5 for 6 – S 26 and C&J 30 – 56 kg Total(S PR)


      • Carson finished the Snatch portion of his session with a 1 kg PR! This day was icing on the cake after his football team won the Championships earlier that week.


  • Dillon Roman  – 5 for 6 – S 30 and C&J 45 – 75 kg Total


      • After wrestling a week prior at a large event in Iowa with Mile High Wrestling Club, Dillon’s legs were toast heading into the week of the meet. Dill recovered however and was able to hit numbers close to his PR’s! Nice work, Dill.


  • Mason Dawson6 for 6 – S 37 and C&J 45 – 82 kg Total(S and C&J PR’s)


      • Mason came back to weightlifting after a long and successful Cross Country season. Mason would go 6 for 6 in his comeback meet, hitting PR’s on both lifts!


  • Elizabeth O’Connor5 for 6 – S 38 and C&J 47 – 85 kg Total


      • Leading up to this meet Liz worked really hard on correcting the positioning of her pull, her turnover of the bar and the bar path of her jerk. Going 5 for 6 I can tell you that as a coach it definitely showed. This is definitely the most efficient I have ever seen Liz move and I hope to see her continue on her current program.


  • Danielle Patrick6 for 6 – S 40 and C&J 51 – 91 kg Total


      • As a coach it has been fun to watch Danielle develop as an athlete and with each meet performance she has continued to improve. Watch for Danielle to have a breakout meet in January.


  • Debbie Schmidt4 for 6 – S 45 and C&J 64 – 109 kg Total(Total PR)


      • With this being her just second meet we wanted to get Debbie more accustomed to a meet setting and she improved immensely. With Debbie being our newest member it will be interesting to see how she develops over the next few months. Nice work Debbie!


  • Rosanne Allen5 for 6 – S 53 and C&J 62 – 115 kg Total


      • It was good to see Rosanne finally compete again. She did not disappoint with a 5 for 6 performance and an amazing structural test of the wall behind our platform(I’m only kidding and glad you’re okay).


  • Joshua Sharp4 for 6 – S 49 and C&J 70 – 119 kg Total


      • Josh has been a crazy person with his training cycle attempting to achieve his laundry list of goals(Spartan Races, 500 mile bike rides, etc) and managed to check his second weightlifting meet off his list. Josh had good comeback performance of 4 for 6.
  • Carinda Ferrini 4 for 6 – S 48 and C&J 73 – 121 kg Total
    • In training there has been such an emphasis on the Snatch that Carinda was set up for a good day in this discipline, but, it was her Clean and Jerk that shined. Having problems with the jerk consistently Carinda showed improvement hitting her highest lift in this discipline in a meet setting in a while. Look for Carinda to have an even better showing at the State Open Championships in January.
  • Kim Hageman5 for 6 – S 56 and C&J 81 – 137 kg Total(C&J PR)
    • Kim had a great meet battling it out with her daughter Izzy and out lifting her in the Clean and Jerk while setting a PR in the process. Hopefully we see Kim at States in January to redeem her lost to Izzy(just kidding).


  • Izzy Hageman5 for 6 – S 62 and C&J – 140 kg Total(S PR)


      • This was Izzy’s first meet back since Youth Nationals a few months prior. Busy with High School and her rigorous cheer schedule, Izzy managed to fit in her training when she could and it showed. Izzy did the opposite of her mother and PR’d her Snatch by 1 kg. I would also like to mention Izzy lifted 3 kg heavier than her mother Kim in the Total, making her the Hageman Champion(also kidding).


  • Sarah Smiley5 for 6 – S 64 and C&J 78 – 142 kg Total(S PR)


      • Sarah’s programming didn’t have her peaking for this competition but she managed a 1 kg PR on her Snatch and matched her PR on Clean and Jerk. Look for big things to come from Sarah in January.


  • Jon Buschbacher6 for 6 – S 61 and C&J 83 – 144 kg Total


    • Coach Jon crushed his first meet. To go 6 for 6 in a meet is always a big deal but to do it in your first meet is special. Look for Coach Jon to continue his pursuit of weightlifting in the coming year.
  • Maril Davenport3 for 6 – S 74 and C&J 88 – 162 kg Total
    • Maril’s first meet since the American Open Series 2 in July was a bit of a test. Taking the opportunity to use a smaller local meet such as ours to open Maril heavier than we ever have before, lent Maril a learning experience. From this meet and training cycle leading up to the meet Maril started to become more consistent with higher numbers and if this trend continues look for her to have a big meet in January.


In Closing

Once again I’d like to mention just how proud I am of all of you. Running a successful meet is not easy and you all had a part in creating an amazing meet experience for our athletes as well as our guests. You all showed them what it means to be a part of Cutthroat. I already can’t wait until the next meet.