Check out On CrossFit and Risk by Julie Foucher

Growing up, my mom would often tell me “When I was ten, I broke my ankle taking a giant step in the backyard playing a game of SPUD. Heck, if you can break your ankle taking a giant step, you might as well go out and do something more fun.” Fortunately, she has supported me through many such fun experiences over the years. But, like most parents, she has also instilled in me the fact that there is a certain amount of risk associated with doing just about anything in life. The responsibility falls on each one of us to evaluate and decide how much risk we are willing to take on in order to reap the potential rewards of our actions.

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A1. Depth Jumps 10×1
B1. Back Squat 3×8 @ 65%, 67.5%, 70%
B2. 2 drop sets from top set (-5%, -10% x AMRAP)

7 Rounds
In :60
50′ Sled Drag AHAP (should take :10-:15 at max effort)
Max Reps Reverse Ball toss in remaining min (AHAP, for height)
*Rest 1:00 between rounds