Nutrition with CutThroat CrossFit

Nutrition Foundations

Our Foundations coaching focuses on building stable daily habits around food without making life complicated by worrying about a lot of details. The program is intended to help people get control of their nutrition decisions and make measureable improvements in their health and fitness.

Personalized Diet Templates

Our Template program makes meal prep simple by giving you a completely individualized program that uses easy measurements of foods that you actually like to eat. You’ll have a simple plan that’s completely optimized to your body and your activity level. Our templates do not require any calorie counting or food restrictions. We designed templates for people who want to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, or maintain their body weight, while focusing on improving their performance in the gym.

1:1 Custom Coaching

Our One-on-One Nutrition coaching isn’t for everyone. It requires you to be able to put attention and focus into your nutrition and lifestyle that not everyone will be able to accommodate. If you’re looking to elevate your health and fitness with a refined nutrition approach that is  completely customized with one-on-one contact with a coach, this is your best option. Good candidates are people with elite athletic performance goals, busy travel schedules, or challenging lifestyle circumstances that require specific attention.