Rocky Mountain Junior Jam: Event 3

Event 3 Is “Chippin’ Away” Standards Sprint -Takes place outside on pavement Hops over PVC -Jump and land with two feet over PVC pipe on floor Single-Unders -Rope passes completely under the feet one time for each jump Double-Unders -Rope passes completely under the feet two times for each jump -Only successful jumps are counted, not attempts Power Snatch -The barbell begins on the ground and must be lifted overhead in one motion -At the top, the barbell must come to full lockout overhead, with hips, knees and arms fully extended and the bar directly over or slightly behind the middle of the body –Kids division, the movement […]

Rocky Mountain Junior Jam: Event 2

Standards Row -Damper may be adjusted to any setting -The monitor must be set to zero at the beginning of each row -The athlete or the judge may reset the monitor -Athletes must stay seated until exact meters are reached   Burpee -Begins standing with hips and knees fully extended -The chest and thighs must touch the ground at the bottom -Finishes standing with hips & knees fully extended and hands over head -Stepping back and/or stepping up in the burpee is permitted   Jump over rower –Jumps may be lateral or rower facing -The rep ends when the athlete lands on both feet on the opposite side […]

Rocky Mountain Junior Jam: Event 1

EVENT 1 ANNOUNCEMENT “Complex City” Age Group Event Age Specific Modifications Scoring Kids 5-8 5:00 to complete our FUN obstacle course as many times as possible! Approximately 8-10 obstacles Total Reps -Each completed obstacle = 1 rep Youth 9-11 5:00 to accumulate max reps of barbell complex: 1 clean + 3 front squats + 1 shoulder to overhead Barbell weight -Males #20 -Females #15 Total Reps –Each full complex  counts as 5 reps Youth 12-13, Teen 14-15, Teen 16-17 7:00 to establish a 1 rep max barbell complex: 1 clean + 3 front squats + 1 shoulder to overhead Male/female and #15 trainer barbells available Heaviest completed complex     […]

How to Watch Event Reveals For Rocky Mountain Junior Jam?

It’s time! We’re so excited! Event 1 is….. Not so fast 🙂 We said we’d start releasing the event details for the Rocky Mountain Junior Jam 1-2 weeks prior to the event. If you haven’t signed up your son or daughter yet, get them registered asap because registration will close soon. We’d love a few more volunteers if you’re available. Even if it’s only for part of the day. Volunteers just might get priority communication about the event reveals….let us know if you can help out here. Keep an eye out over the upcoming week for our event reveals. You can see them in one (or all) of the following ways: In your […]

You Are Going To Die

You probably knew that already. It is quite possibly the ONLY absolute in our lives here on Earth. No matter what you believe religiously, we are given THIS body during this life. The way I see it, you have 2 choices 1. You know you’re going to die, so live a party lifestyle. Live each day like its your last. This lifestyle generally leads to a shorter life span (but not always….just look at Mick Jagger). 2. You know you’re going to die, so you Optimize your own human health. You live each day with a smile (like it’s your last). But you make informed choices about what […]

Our Biggest Announcement…Ever

Yesterday we announced massive changes to our primary service as well as our entire company. Why have we changed? Well we have learned a TON in the last 5 years. Yes of course, our gym and community has learned quite a lot but I’m really talking about the advancements in the study of humans. We MUST progress. We aren’t going to look the same as CrossFit Boxes, Strength and Conditioning Gyms, Olympic Weightlifting Gyms, and other micro-gyms looked 5 years ago. We aren’t even necessarily a ‘gym’ to all of our clients. Here are some of our new and revamped features that align with our new vision: Health […]

The End Of CutThroat Athletics?

Hi there, We have some news to share. I just came out of a big conference of gym owners back in June. It’s my 3rd year in a row attending this particular conference. It’s an annual event to bring various gym owners and industry leaders together to share ideas and keep up with best practices. We learn from others’ strengths and weaknesses and share our own. During one of the breakout sessions, I realized that I was explaining the meaning of the name “CutThroat” for the umteenth time. Everyone thought I was representing an “aggressive” or “hard core” gym and they pre-judged us by the name. Most of […]

What Happened at Youth Nationals 2018!!!

In today’s episode, we interview all of the Competitors from the 2018 Youth Nationals. Spoiler Alert: Izzy is the national champ!

Wyatt’s Story

5/26 at 8:00am: “Murph” 5/28 (Memorial day Monday) 9:00am: “Wyatt” Donate to Train to Transition here: What is the Story of “Wyatt” ??        

Lt Michael Murphy’s Story

What is Murph and Why do we do it? Here’s his story!! Donate to Train to Transition here: