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Rachel’s Story

Rachel Davis I had been living abroad for 6 months in Kenya and it was hard to workout where I lived. I once got chased by a wild dog while out on a run, so working out was really difficult to say the least! I’ve always been a really active person so when I returned, I was desperate for something that would whip me back in to shape FAST. That was back in 2013. I did fundamentals and started going to CrossFit classes regularly, I’ve never looked back since! My first impression of CrossFit was: this is HARD and I will never be like “those” girls (the ones […]

Nicole’s Story

Nicole Gervace My friend Kerri Schomer had been attending CutThroat CrossFit for several months when we ran into each other at CorePower Yoga. She told me that as a CPY member I can go to CTCF 4X a month and she thought I’d love it. She was right! I emailed Brian and attended a pop-up course that introduced me to a variety of the exercises. In January 2018, I attended the 4 classes. By the second week of February I already used my 4 classes and decided I wanted more and became a monthly member! My first impression of CutThroat was that the classes were organized and I […]

Amy’s Story

Amy Moore A few people had encouraged me to try CrossFit but I was pretty convinced I was not in good enough shape to do it. I didn’t understand the scalability of the workouts at CrossFit and I had no idea about barbells or any type of gymnastics movements.  Basically I was too scared to try! At the time I joined CutThroat my brother had been at a CrossFit box in Orlando for 5 years and he loved it.  My husband Kevin signed up at CutThroat and immediately loved what he was doing. That’s when I got really curious and decided to give it a try.  I’m so […]

Roof’s Story

Kerri’s Story

Kerri Schommer There is a very long list of reasons that I came to CutThroat.  However I think the driving force has been my health. I will be the big 5-0 in July.  When you have that staring you in the face you realize you better get your act together while you still have a chance!  I don’t want to work all of these years so I can retire to my couch.  I want to travel and be active and if I don’t take care of myself that won’t happen.  I work as a home health RN and let me tell you your lifestyle choices will catch up with you!  Here is a quote […]

Jeff’s (OJ’s) Story

I was sitting around after my second daughter headed off to college 3 and ½ years ago and I decided I needed to add a new activity into my life.  It was in the Fall and I needed something to do in the off season from my tennis leagues.  I felt like I was becoming a couch potato and frequently needed chiropractic adjustments to loosen up my neck and shoulders. I found CutThroat CF while on a trail ride behind the facility and looked it up.  I knew a few guys that worked out at CF boxes and thought I should give it a try.  I came in […]

Deana’s Story

Deana Bull About 4 years ago I felt really “stuck” and I needed a change in my life and my workout routine.  My sister, at the time, was really into CrossFit and encouraged me to look into it because she knew I would love it.  So I did, it looked super fun and it seemed to be just what I needed but I wasn’t sure it was a possibility for me.  Due to being an athlete most of my life and due to a bit of bad luck I had undergone a total of 9 knee surgeries, I had osteoarthritis and I was ACL deficient in both knees. […]

Gavin’s Story

Gavin Slater I had a work friend who talked me into trying CrossFit at another box. I stayed there a little over a year before they moved and increased their rates. I then looked at and visited a bunch of area gyms but felt most comfortable at CutThroat including the level of coaching.  My first impression of CrossFit was there are so many movements to conquer and such an incredible workout. Fortunately I had a running background and I thought I was in good shape until I tried a workout. Everyone told me about the community atmosphere and I believe that is what makes CF so special. Five years […]

Jenny’s Story

Josh Sharp

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