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Body Fat Testing Comes to Valhalla

As a part of Ideal Collaborative the athletes of Valhalla Barbell Club receive perks that are unheard of in the realm of local and even National Level Caliber Weightlifting Programs. In addition to the In-House Physical Therapy, Fascial Stretching and over 20+ coached hours from a coach who has worked with both National and International Caliber athletes our program prides itself on working with our athletes to develop healthy and sustainable nutrition that will lend to a change in body composition, strength and overall performance.   Why We Test Our Athletes   Thanks to Rosanne and Bodyfat Test Colorado joining the Ideal Collaborative family our club gets a […]

How You Should Feel Two Weeks Out From a Meet

by Jake Sterny I’m laughing really hard right now because the title applied to this piece is really a farce. No one person tends to feel the same as another when prepping for a competition especially if they are peaking. However, there are some similarities that I’ve picked up on during my time as an athlete and coach. What is peaking? Peaking in a traditional sense simply means that we are attempting to prepare the body to exceed its base level of performance at the time of competition by programming weeks consisting of lower volume(lower rep ranges) and higher intensity(higher weights). In other words if you’ve been performing […]

What’s the BEST Training Split?

Good question right? Everyone wants to know what the best training splits are. What did Arnold do? Should I do that? How about Anna Kournikova? Just do what she did and I’ll get the same results. Right? WRONG These specimens were born athletes. Copying their training plan is a recipe for disaster. Accumulating Fitness over time is the name of the game if you want long term health and results. So what if you’re not a pro athlete or body builder? Good, that means you fit in with 99% of the rest of the world. And it happens to be what we do BEST here…..General Fitness! There are […]

Observations from a Weightlifting Parent and Weightlifting Coach

by Coach David Hageman As a strength coach for close to two decades, a parent of multiple youth weightlifters, and a novice weightlifter myself, I wanted to provide a few observations that might help calibrate expectations for yourself or your youth athlete participating in the sport of weightlifting.  Weightlifting is more technical than you think. The sport of weightlifting is not just exercising with a barbell.  There are many people that exercise with resistance equipment (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc…), yet this does not make them weightlifters or even serve as a predictor of their success in the sport of weightlifting. It involves finesse, mobility, strength and coordination of […]

Add 10 KG To Your Total In 1 Week

This 1 Weird Trick Helped Add 20 KG to my Total Jake Sterny After spending many years studying under a Russian Master of Sport in the barren wasteland of Siberia I have learned, “the secret” to improving your total. Over the next few paragraphs I will reveal just exactly what I learned from the Master of Sport in my time spent in Russia. You may be thinking that this guy is nuts or that the secret must be really complex but bear with me and you’ll be beating every lifter in your session in a matter of weeks instead of years thanks to this simple trick. Before I […]

Weightlifters Need Strong Backs

Accessory Work (Weightlifters Need Strong Backs) By Jake Sterny It was the week of April 1st and Masters Nationals was being held in Buffalo, NY. Myself and two athletes that I work with arrived on Tuesday, but neither competed until later in the week, leaving me ample free time to work on Social Media Content, General Content and Programming. After writing a handful of programming for my athletes back in Colorado I felt like throwing together an article discussing some general accessory work I use to build back strength and compliment the classic lifts(Snatch and Clean & Jerk). Keep in mind most of this will depend on where […]

Trusting The Process

by Jake Sterny It takes someone very special or someone who has something very wrong with them to want to continue doing things that suck just to make the slightest bit of progress towards a goal. One thing you’ve probably heard is the phrase, “Trust the process”. Some of you might even think you are doing this currently, but take an honest look at where you are and where you want to be and I can tell you that more often than not, you are not. Trusting the process does not just include doing what is prescribed and being patient. This has a tendency to get you far, […]

How Competition Can Help You?

Why you Should Compete by Jake Sterny This article is by no means an active plug for Cutthroat Barbell Club, but, if you would like to compete in weightlifting or at the very least try one competition(they will change your life) we have the best Barbell Club in the greater Denver area. No, this article is simply me telling you as one human being to another that you should compete in something. “But if I’m just doing this for fun, to get healthy or as a hobby what value does competing hold for me”, you might ask. It’s simple, it lends what you are doing purpose. All Revved […]

Steps To Resolution Success

By Jon Buschbacher It’s that time of year again, where we think about the things we enjoyed during the past year and the things we wish we had done better. A cultural time of resolve, that results in the setting of goals and objectives. It’s a good time to revive one’s spirit for a better existence; improving our health in all aspects of our lives. Every year we make some improvements; how many improvements we accomplish depends on some things I have found to be fundamental. So as you’re starting to commit to those new or previously neglected goals for the new year, take some of these pointers […]

Holiday Survival Guide

by Jon Buschbacher We are well into the season of holiday weight gain. If you aren’t careful you can put on quite a bit of weight before the end of the holidays and you’ll be stuck wishing the New Year was here already! So instead of waiting until the New Year to get rid of your Blubber, now is the time to start fighting back. That doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself the enjoyment of social gatherings and all the foods and drinks that come with it, just have a plan. Here are some of the strategies I use when facing the holidays: Eat really well in […]