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Goodbye Chrissy

As many of you already know, Chrissy is finishing her final days at CutThroat. She and Jens have made the decision to move back to Michigan to be closer to family. This is not out of the blue, this has been their plan all along but we are still very sad to see her go. Katie and I have known Chrissy for the past 5 years. All of them through CrossFit and 4 of the 5 have been with CutThroat. I started coaching Chrissy at another CrossFit box before I made the jump to affiliating what is now CutThroat. Chrissy and Jens were our first members. They did [...]

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How to Sign Up For Events Using Member Connect

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Welcome Slyter!!

Big congrats to Melissa and Chris Raddatz on their new addition! Slyter Marie Raddatz was born Sept 2 at 11PM. Mom and baby are doing great!

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