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What to do after the Open?

Many CrossFitters go through the dilemma of what to do after the Open each year. Some want to improve their CrossFit skills while others want a bit of a break. Whoever you are, you probably fall into one of the following questions/categories: 1. What is the Open? "Wait, we did something different than usual the past 5 Fridays?" For this one, the answer is to just keep on doing what you are doing. If you are enjoying CrossFit as a group exercise program and you enjoy it, just keep at it and don't worry about the buzz about getting better at Snatches, double unders, and muscle ups. 2. [...]

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How to Overcome Adversity in Training

We all go through struggles with training. Sometimes we don't sleep enough, sometimes our nutrition is sub par, some times our "liquid" nutrition exceeded the norm over the weekend. Sometimes work stress is higher than normal. Whatever the excuse, here is a video from Coach Katie telling you how to overcome all of your obstacles and keep training!  

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We turned 3!! [and more gym updates]

CutThroat turned 3 today!! Well that's 36 months according to new parents :) We're older if you count our months in the garage but we have successfully passed our third year in this space! Notables and Evolution over the past 3 years: Our programming has always been effective but it has become more and more scientific. We're up to 9 Coaches Brian now has every minute of his day scheduled on his google calendar...being busy is good!! (first world problems) Lots of Cuttie Babies. There must be something in the water here Izzy's Floelite Video was shot here (also Flapjacked has been shooting ads) We expanded! We have [...]

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