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Folsom Field: The Epic Bolder Boulder Finish Line

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This Just In: Epidemic of Fat Loss Occurring at CutThroat’s HIIT Groups!!

Important newscast feature on the epidemic of fat loss occurring during Alexandra's HIIT classes at CutThroat CrossFit!!! Learn More about HIIT!

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6 Benefits of HIIT You Didn’t Know

by Alexandra Schultz Did you know…..HIIT style!! But do you really??? Really know??? If you know then you can stop reading and I can stop typing the word “know.” In case you didn’t here is some “knows” for you to now…umm “know” so that you can see HIIT training isn’t so scary and is actually extremely helpful to your life…I shall now proceed…. DID YOU KNOW……you already do many things that are part of a HIIT class in your daily life???? Here are 6 examples: Holding that low squat(probably for about 30 seconds, or more especially if you took down that large gulp beverage) because you don’t want [...]

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