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CutThroat CrossFit, 1724 Majestic Drive Ste#107, Lafayette, CO

Phone: 303-284-0083

Scott Nickell

A friend from church brought me to CrossFit in the first place. My first impression was that it was just crazy and awesome all at the same time. Over time I’ve come to see the importance of training with a purpose, not just destroying yourself everyday. Certainly my first bright spot was body composition changes and strength gains. I've been at it for many years now and I have changed my specific focus throughout that time. My main focus now is gaining even more strength, staying flexible and mobile and a maintaining a base level of general physical preparedness. I have so many great memories to list from [...]

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Jeanne Manigold

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Rosanne Allen

I first started CrossFit at Flatirons in Boulder over 9 years ago. I trained and competed in CrossFit for 4.5 yrs and then moved over to Olympic Lifting. My first impression of CrossFit was that it was really hard! It’s still hard but more skills have been introduced since when I first started. My first “bright spot” was finding a fitness regime that I felt challenged me. Now I'm totally focused on my Olympic Lifts. I compete in Weightlifting and that drives my training. My favorite memory from CutThroat is when I had my first workout there. I truly felt like it was “home”. I left my old gym a [...]

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