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MMMM.....Beer I know many of you really love Beer. We live in Colorado after all. We have the best craft beers in the entire world. Are we supposed to enjoy Beer then? I know some people do. They usually appear happy with their "Dad Bods" too. But they also come in to tell me that they want to lose body fat. One of the recurring obstacles to health that keeps coming up is alcohol...maybe your drink of choice isn't beer...So we'll keep this discussion to "alcohol" in general rather than just Beer, Bourbon, or Wine. I continue to be surprised at the number of people who say [...]

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Being Good at the “Little Things”

by Coach Jake Sterny I've been a part of the sport of Weightlifting for the greater part of six years and believe that it is one of the greatest sports on the planet. It is challenging, fun and no matter how long you have been a weightlifter there is always something you can improve or make better through your efforts in training. When any athlete first begins Weightlifting there is the usual phenomenon that occurs once they begin a structured program where said athlete will continue to hit Personal Record(PR) after PR simply by showing up and doing the work prescribed. This tends to last for a while [...]

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Set Up and Positions for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

by Coach Jake Sterny  1. Foot Placement in Relation to the Bar Whether attempting to place a new athlete in a proper start position for the first time or simply trying to readjust an already experienced athlete, the first area a coach should look is where the foot is placed in relation to the bar. When we see an athlete pull the bar from the floor efficiently we should notice a slight sweep of the bar back toward the body instead of a straight pull or the bar moving in the opposite direction. This is essential in creating a more efficient movement pattern (using force effectively to lift [...]

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