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Arms – Not Just For Curls Anymore

By Alissa Ackerman When most people think about their running form, they think about how their feet hit the ground. Ever think about your arms? As it turns out, you can use them for more than benching and doing bicep curls. Your arms actually play an important role in your running form. A good arm swing serves as a counterbalance for the rotation of your lower body, which allows for greater hip extension and better breathing mechanics. If your arms can’t properly counteract the movement in your lower body, the muscles in your torso have to take over. From an energy expenditure standpoint, it is much more economical [...]

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Jump Ropes and Double Unders Where to get a Jump Rope? Read The 6 Best Jump Ropes For CrossFit Double Unders

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We’re Using Training Maxes!! *Make sure you know your Front Squat and Bench Press 1RMs from last week!

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