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Ankle Mobility from Dr. Joseph Vear

by Dr Joseph Vear When it comes to training perhaps one of the most overlooked joints is the ankle. Your ankle is extremely important for optimal function of many of your lifts in the gym such as a squat, lunge, box jump, split jerk…ect and therefore needs to be assessed for proper function. The ankle is your primary shock absorber of the body, it helps dissipate ground reactions forces while walking, running and jumping. Therefore, needs to have proper mobility, stability and strength to relieve ground reaction forces (that when your ankle is not functioning properly could transmit excessive force to the knee, hip and lower back). In [...]

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One Movement to Address Thoracic Mobility and Shoulder Stability at the Same Time

From David Newton DC, MS, CCSP, CSCS The Bent Kettlebell Press is, in my opinion, one of the best exercises out there that not many people are doing.  Not only is this a challenging rotational core exercise, but it also helps to greatly improve thoracic spine mobility and shoulder stability simultaneously.   The Bent Press consists of several steps, the first of which is the clean to the front rack position.   Once in this position the body will simultaneously bend as you press yourself underneath the weight. If you were to watch only the weight during the movement, there would be very little weight, demonstrating that you truly [...]

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Thoracic Spine Mobility – Why Your Shoulders Need It

by Dr. David Newton DC, MS, CCSP, CSCS When it comes to shoulder mobility, part of my initial assessment always focuses on how well the Thoracic spine moves.  If we are unable to change the shape of our thoracic spine during overhead movements, especially into an extended position, our shoulders will have to compensate by moving more to allow the motion to occur.  A great example of this is trying to lift your arms overhead with poor posture versus good posture.  With a rounded upper back position it is nearly impossible to bring your arms overhead, however, if you stand up straight and attempt the same motion, the [...]

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