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HIIT Training Benefits

A video from Coach Alexandra

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by Alexandra Schultz Many people often hear references to high intensity interval training, or “HIIT” training and they are not quite sure what exactly it means. It is not often realized but for those already interested in or performing CrossFit, HIIT an integral part to many of the classes. High intensity interval training is exactly as it sounds, training at your highest intensity for a period of time, aka “an interval”. An example can be “30 secs of work, 10 seconds of rest”. You work as hard as you can for those 30 secs and then utilize the recovery period. Now that you know a little about the [...]

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Ankle Mobility from Dr. Joseph Vear

by Dr Joseph Vear When it comes to training perhaps one of the most overlooked joints is the ankle. Your ankle is extremely important for optimal function of many of your lifts in the gym such as a squat, lunge, box jump, split jerk…ect and therefore needs to be assessed for proper function. The ankle is your primary shock absorber of the body, it helps dissipate ground reactions forces while walking, running and jumping. Therefore, needs to have proper mobility, stability and strength to relieve ground reaction forces (that when your ankle is not functioning properly could transmit excessive force to the knee, hip and lower back). In [...]

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