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How To Improve Your Double Unders

by Katie Bender Everybody wants them, but not everybody has them Let’s talk about double unders; a movement you probably watch your 5 year old do with ease, while you have whip marks covering your arms and legs. This movement takes a great deal of coordination and body awareness. Some beginners pick up double unders quickly, while others struggle for years. I am going to be completely honest, it takes practice and patience. The “Type of Rope Let’s talk about different types of rope. There is a big difference when it comes to the types of ropes. We have two different kinds in the gym and a third [...]

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Colorado Classic Meet Recap

by Coach Jake Sterny After taking a few days to reflect on Cutthroat Athletics’ inaugural Colorado Classic I would like to recap the performances of all the members of Cutthroat Barbell Club because I am proud of how each of you performed. Before I begin this recap however I would like to mention that the ability to run a meet as well as we did, especially with it being our first one, just shows how committed all of you are as members of the Cutthroat family to share with the fitness community at large just how special Cutthroat Athletics is as a facility and a community. To all [...]

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MMMM.....Beer I know many of you really love Beer. We live in Colorado after all. We have the best craft beers in the entire world. Are we supposed to enjoy Beer then? I know some people do. They usually appear happy with their "Dad Bods" too. But they also come in to tell me that they want to lose body fat. One of the recurring obstacles to health that keeps coming up is alcohol...maybe your drink of choice isn't beer...So we'll keep this discussion to "alcohol" in general rather than just Beer, Bourbon, or Wine. I continue to be surprised at the number of people who say [...]

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