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Steps To Resolution Success

By Jon Buschbacher It's that time of year again, where we think about the things we enjoyed during the past year and the things we wish we had done better. A cultural time of resolve, that results in the setting of goals and objectives. It's a good time to revive one's spirit for a better existence; improving our health in all aspects of our lives. Every year we make some improvements; how many improvements we accomplish depends on some things I have found to be fundamental. So as you're starting to commit to those new or previously neglected goals for the new year, take some of these pointers [...]

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Holiday Survival Guide

by Jon Buschbacher We are well into the season of holiday weight gain. If you aren't careful you can put on quite a bit of weight before the end of the holidays and you'll be stuck wishing the New Year was here already! So instead of waiting until the New Year to get rid of your Blubber, now is the time to start fighting back. That doesn't mean you have to deny yourself the enjoyment of social gatherings and all the foods and drinks that come with it, just have a plan. Here are some of the strategies I use when facing the holidays: Eat really well in [...]

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Are Straps A Crutch and How To Use Them in The First Place?

by Jake Sterny Straps, for those of you unfamiliar with this piece of equipment, are a tool that all serious strength athletes should have in their gym bag. Straps come in a few different styles and can help improve performance in various parts of training, but, if used too often or at the incorrect time straps might actually be hindering instead of helping your progress. Strap In: 3 Rules for Strap Use Being an athlete you should never become so dependent upon a piece of equipment that you can’t perform when it’s no longer available (i.e. belt, straps, wrist wraps, knee wraps, etc). Equipment fails from time [...]

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