dan chrissy

Scott N:

My entire life I’ve played sports, competed, and trained in some sort of fashion.  As I got older and my family got bigger it became difficult to find something that challenged me that didn’t require massive amounts of time.  Then I found CrossFit.  I started CrossFit almost 5 years ago right after my 3rd child was born, my wife and I have since had another.  With 4 kids and plenty of their activities eating up our time CrossFit is perfect for continuing to make gains in strength, endurance and overall fitness so that I can hopefully not just be around for my kids but be able to keep up with their kids one day.  There are at least two things I’ve learned in these years that are key to the CrossFit experience.  1) Coaching and 2) Community.  I can train in my garage, but I don’t get the valuable coaching that pushes someone beyond simply making moderate gains, to making huge gains in every area of fitness.  A coach who can see what areas that need improvement but also knows what to do to make those improvements is key.  On top of that a coach who can communicate clearly to athletes so that they can make those improvements is invaluable.  Brian and Katie are phenomenal at all of these components of coaching and many more.  I love being coached by both of them.  The Community side of a gym is key as well.  People are busy, time is valuable so if time and money are going to be spent, it better be a beneficial and enjoyable experience.  A good gym builds a fun atmosphere and training environment that takes training seriously but doesn’t lose the fun of training together.  Again Brian and Katie have created a great gym with great community.  For these reasons and many more I train at Cutthroat.

Chrissy D and Jens S

Crossfit has allowed us to become the fittest and healthiest people we have ever been. As two busy people, it is nice to get an intense workout done in an hour. Individually we love crossfit for many reasons, but it has brought us together as a couple. We look forward to coming together every night and tackling the workout. The community at cutthroat is so incredible, that beyond spending time with each other, we look forward to going in and hanging out with friends we have made at the gym. The coaching at Cutthroat is excellent. We have been to a few gyms, and Brian is the best coach we have encountered. He cares about the athletes and caters workouts to all skill levels. He pushes us hard when we want to quit but knows our limits. Katie is such an amazing athlete and it’s great to be coached by someone who is so skilled. We are extremely proud to be apart of the cutthroat community.

Mike H

I’ve checked out quite a few gyms in the area and This place is the best of the best up north.  This gym ticks all the boxes.  Great coaching, great equipment and facility and great programing.

Coach Brian is an amazing coach and seems to be able to relate to and motivate athletes of every level from soccer moms to triathletes and hockey players.  He’s funny and personable and understanding and can relate to everyone in class.  If you’ve ever been in a class with a mediocre coach you’ll understand how important good coaching is and it doesn’t get any better than this.  Brian and been coaching and participating in CrossFit longer than most.

Coach Brian is also a highly accomplished olympic weightlifter and weightlifting coach which, oddly enough, is something you don’t get at most CrossFit gyms.  If you’re an experienced CrossFitter you’ll really appreciate this.

The program here is fantastic.  I really like CrossFit because it’s never the same which makes me actually look forward to coming in and getting a workout.  The workouts are short and intense.  Not too long and not too heavy and there’s an option for every skill level to do the workouts.  It’s always different and always fun and even though if feels hard at the time you always have a smile on your face when it’s over.  The programing here is more than just random exercises thrown together though.  You’ll achieve short and long term goals that will help you become a healthier person and not just beat to a pulp like some CrossFit programing seems to be.

The facility itself is top notch.  It’s clean and updated and the equipment is high quality.  There’s enough room for everyone to work out and enough barbells and kettle bells to go around.  The pull-up rack is a nice professional unit and not a wobbly home made unit.  The bay door in the back opens up to a nice space out back to use when the whether is warm and it’s in the shade in the afternoon.  There’s also a space heater that really warms up the gym that you’ll really appreciate when it’s freezing outside.  No more frozen workouts!  One big bonus is the Rock Creek Trail that runs immediately behind the facility.  It’s literally 30 feet from the back door which is awesome when there’s a workout with a longer run involved.  No need to pound your knees on hard pavement!  Lastly the bathrooms are spotless and there’s a shower available too.

If you’re bored with your Planet Fitness workouts be sure to check this place out if you’re in the area.  You won’t ever go back.

Dan & Tamara R

Tamara and I have tried out a few CrossFit gyms in the area, and we are 110% happy with what CutThroat CrossFit has to offer.  Brian and Katie bring a fresh and knowledgeable approach to their coaching style, and everyone at the box buys in- and most importantly-it works!!  With his years of experience, certifications, and various lifting expertises, Coach Bender has progressed to what we think is the best coach in the area.  He is confident in his skills and his teaching methods, and it rubs off on the athletes.   Each athlete in our box brings a different background of experience and Brian knows exactly how to pin-point each of their individual goals and needs.  Coach Katie, soon to be Bender, is an excellent CrossFit athlete and coach as well.  Her positive attitude is extremely important to the dynamics of our classes!  Katie uses her own experiences as a top regional “CrossFitter “ to help her coaching style that really seems to assist the members in pushing further than they think they can.

We were one of the original couples at CTCF, and have truly enjoyed watching the progress of such a great box, but more importantly, a great community.  From experienced CrossFit athletes to those that are just starting, we have all embraced one another as individuals, as well as friends who push each other to reach their limits; and beyond.  Tamara:  “I am pregnant right now and everyone is always asking how I am doing and what is new with the baby!  I love that we can all be open about our personal lives to an extent, and trust one another as friends, during and after work-outs.  Each day, I am so excited to see everyone at class, and am ecstatic about bringing a new life into this community.  Coach Brian has been able to put together a great program for me as I progress in my pregnancy and I cannot thank him enough for his extra efforts!”

Tamara and I would recommend Cutthroat Crossfit to anyone who is interested in improving their fitness, their routine, and their overall well-bring.  This gym is a wonderful sanctuary for those who need a release from everyday life, while at the same time being able to kick some ass and get fit!

Patrick D

I am very much enjoying your program and talk it up as frequently as I can.  Initially, I was very reluctant to transition to CT but any hesitations have long since been extinguished.  Your dedication to an engaging, interactive and successful fun learning environment has not only aided in achieving my fitness goals but also built up my confidence as well.  Thank you for all your efforts (and Katie’s) and continued attention to detail.  I have a long way to go but I am confident that I will hit all of my goals with your guidance.