About CutThroat CrossFit

The Greenback Cutthroat Trout is the Colorado State fish. CutThroat CrossFit is a strength and conditioning facility and we are Colorado proud. To continue to make our state the best place to live in, we believe it starts with the people. Our primary purpose is to build better humans. The definition of “building better humans” is purposely subjective.

Being better every day involves both physical fitness goals and personal goals. Maybe your fitness goals are to be stronger, complete a marathon, get better at a specific sport, be physically able to enjoy the outdoor sports that Colorado has to offer, or maybe you just want to look better naked.  You will find that coming in consistently and working on your fitness goals will transfer into other realms of your personal life. You will become better husbands, moms, grandparents, citizens, etc.

ctcf1Our program is Custom Catered to the individual. We prescribe an exercise routine that meets the goals of our athletes. It involves an intelligent blend of a nutrition plan, private training, group training, and homework.

The nature of CrossFit is community driven. You are not alone in this lifelong quest for fitness. You will be motivated not only by excellent coaching, but by working next to other humans just like you with similar goals. The intense training with others creates a team environment. Working, sweating, crying, breathing, and bleeding with a team creates a bond among members that can’t be artificially created. There is no room for egos, arrogance, or negative attitudes at CutThroat CrossFit. We promote an honest, positive, and humble environment at all times.

At CutThroat CrossFit, we whole heartedly believe that the “blind and relentless pursuit of excellence” is what determines success at both physical and non physical aspects of life and we live it every day.

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