by Alexandra Schultz

Did you know…..HIIT style!!

But do you really??? Really know??? If you know then you can stop reading and I can stop typing the word “know.”

In case you didn’t here is some “knows” for you to now…umm “know” so that you can see HIIT training isn’t so scary and is actually extremely helpful to your life…I shall now proceed….

DID YOU KNOW……you already do many things that are part of a HIIT class in your daily life????

Here are 6 examples:

  • Holding that low squat(probably for about 30 seconds, or more especially if you took down that large gulp beverage) because you don’t want to touch that dirty public toilet???  *and yes in class we will learn to loveeee those squat pulses/holds*
  • For the vertically challenge, aka those “who took less time to reach perfect”, that moment when you are jumping to reach something on a high shelf….*oh ya we have lots of plyometric moves in HIIT training*
  • Shuffling to get out of the way of someone at the grocery store *seriously, ever been to Costco??*
  • Sprinting to catch your kid as they run into the middle of the street, or have decided to pick up that unsavory item on the floor to eat despite your protest…..*kids, if you can’t beat them, become faster than them!*
  • Coordinating your feet when driving….(cough cough) manual transmission drivers and anyone who owns a vehicle, bike, skateboard or a scooter *coordination can be improved greatly through HIIT training*
  • Getting your heart rate up….often stress at work or home can do that fairly easily….HIIT can do that as well, and it will be a lot more fun, we promise!

Now that you know 6 things you do everyday that involve HIIT components, come join us and get better at the things you do everyday, and look great at the same time….
All you need to bring is your body and 30 minutes of your time……

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