by Ashlee Barrow

Race day is full of excitement…and some butterflies. The day you’ve been training for is here, so here are some tips to ensure a stress free race.

DON’T try new supplements on race day

  • If you think you will eat an energy gel or chew during your race, try it out during the weeks of training. The last thing you want is an upset stomach on race day due to trying a gel for the first time. This goes for pre-run meals and snacks as well.

DO limit your liquids

  • Is hydration important? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY! But to limit pit stops on your run, avoid chugging water or sport drinks 30 minutes before the race. Feel free to just sip water as needed prior to the start of the race.

DON’T save new shoes for race day

  • It’s understandable to want to show off a new pair of running shoes for the big day BUT this may lead to blisters. Be sure to give yourself time to break in your shoes during your training. This goes for other gear you plan to wear including run belts, sport armbands, etc.

DO get off your feet

  • This may sound odd to run less the week prior, but think of it like cramming for a test. The hard work for that college calculus class needed to be done throughout the semester; not during finals week, All the running in the earlier weeks has prepared you. Light runs and active stretching are your keys to success the week leading to the race.

DON’T one meal

  • A pasta dinner the night before the race is a popular dinner by athletes around the world. While carbs are great for runners, aim to eat carbs throughout the day for easy digestion and to avoid discomfort.

DO have fun!

  • The day is finally here! It’s time to soak up the positivity of the crowd and camaraderie of all the runners. P.S. The Bolder Boulder gives out free beer and other goodies!


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