Many CrossFitters go through the dilemma of what to do after the Open each year. Some want to improve their CrossFit skills while others want a bit of a break. Whoever you are, you probably fall into one of the following questions/categories:

1. What is the Open? “Wait, we did something different than usual the past 5 Fridays?”

For this one, the answer is to just keep on doing what you are doing. If you are enjoying CrossFit as a group exercise program and you enjoy it, just keep at it and don’t worry about the buzz about getting better at Snatches, double unders, and muscle ups.

2. What do I need to work on to improve in next year’s Open and when can I do a local live competition?

For this, it is important to look at what you did well and what you could improve upon in the coming months. It is important to speak with a coach about this because a long term development plan may be applicable. The coaches know about the local competitions too. Many of you are due for a goal setting check in. Book a goal setting session on member connect to speak about all of this.

3. I’m kind of burned out. Can I just take it easy for awhile?

This one is most common with the more experienced CrossFitters that have done more than one or two CrossFit Games Opens in their time. There are several ways to approach this:

  1. Keep coming as you usually do, but back off on the intensity for a few weeks. Don’t keep score during AMRAPs and stay in the 75-85% range on your lifts instead of going super heavy.
  2. Switch it up!
    1. We have our upcoming “CutThroat Swole” or “Bikini-Shred” programs. Do that for a couple of months to get your summer body ready for the pool and your vacation.
    2. Try Barbell Club. If you want to get better at the Olympic Lifts, Powerlifting, just get stronger, or train specifically for sports performance, a custom program done in the Barbell Club room may be perfect for you.
    3. Start with our upcoming Running Group intended to Smolder the Boulder Boulder!!! They’re training for the big race on Memorial Day!
    4. Do our HIIT Express sessions. Coming to CutThroat in APRIL, this is a No Barbell approach to training. Sessions will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 6:00PM and last only 30 minutes. This is already included in your CrossFit membership so try it out!
    5. Try some Skill Sessions or a Private Training Package to focus on exactly what you want for awhile.
  3. Use your Yoga! We have a great partnership with Yoga and you’re missing out if you aren’t going in each month.
  4. Enjoy Colorado! Part of CrossFit is to learn and play new sports. Go hiking, biking, running