CutThroat turned 3 today!! Well that’s 36 months according to new parents 🙂 We’re older if you count our months in the garage but we have successfully passed our third year in this space!

Notables and Evolution over the past 3 years:

  • Our programming has always been effective but it has become more and more scientific.
  • We’re up to 9 Coaches
  • Brian now has every minute of his day scheduled on his google calendar…being busy is good!! (first world problems)
  • Lots of Cuttie Babies. There must be something in the water here
  • Izzy’s Floelite Video was shot here (also Flapjacked has been shooting ads)
  • We expanded! We have much more space for CrossFit, Personal Training, and Barbell Club has their own spot
  • Our Barbell Club won multiple team awards in 2016
  • We have hosted multiple Olympic Medalists for seminars. We are the only gym in Colorado to do this (not counting OTC)
  • This will be our THIRD Intramural Open (4th total Open) at CutThroat
  • Rosanne WON Panams and still hold world records!
  • Dwight Benched with chains today.

Here’s some more current updates:

Judges Course

Secret Admirer