Our Coaches

CutThroat Coaches

Our coaches are passionate about helping you to meet your goals. We understand that the journey to fitness can be daunting. Elite fitness is attainable, no matter your age, current fitness level, or limitations. We will work with you to make you the best you can be!


Our Members

Member Stories

Our community wouldn't be what it is without our awesome members. We love to share their success stories and the obstacles they have overcome in their pursuit of health and fitness!


Our Schedule

CutThroat Schedule

Looking for an early morning, lunchtime, or evening class? We've got you covered! We understand that it's difficult to find the time to workout, so we have a schedule full of classes sure to fit your needs.


Our Programs

CutThroat Programs

Our programs offer something for everyone. Come check us out and see how we can help!


  • Get stronger
  • Shed fat
  • Complete a marathon
  • Increase specific sports performance
  • Enjoy Colorado's outdoor activities
  • Look better naked

No matter what your goals are, CutThroat Athletics will deliver the results you seek.

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